OMSI - Summer 2013

Over the summer, I spent a few days a week at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, creating a language arts curriculum based around the Sherlock Holmes exhibit that OMSI was developing with the Conan Doyle Estate. Because the staff at OMSI was unused to producing language arts lesson plans, they gave me complete freedom to design original plans. Their only stipulation was that the plans align with the Common Core Standards and mimic the format (to the extent it was possible) of the science plans that the OMSI staff regularly produces. As I worked on the language arts plans, I also found myself being pulled into the science plans my colleague was designing. I contributed contextualizing stories and stylistic touches (in the Sherlockian voice the project required) to the science curriculum. 

I am sincerely proud of the full curriculum, which I think is fun, practical, and very much in line with the Common Core Standards. You can view the language arts plans below.