Editorial Theory - Spring 2013

A challenging and thought-provoking class that focused on the theoretical history of editing. The class invited students to develop a reasoned and practical personal theory of editing. We examined the seemingly mundane decisions faced by editors, and learned how complex those decisions can be, and how significant their consequences. We also explored rare and unusual editorial circumstances (my paper below, on Nabokov's unfinished, posthumously-published novel, The Original of Laura, addresses some of those issues). 

Throughout the term, we interrogated the editor's relationship to the work: how to honor the contents, how to monitor editorial bias, how to proceed in the case of an absent author, etc. If Linda Meyer's editing class taught the daily realities of editing, Per's taught the hidden significance of those seemingly minor decisions, and forced us to articulate why we stood behind them.  

Final paper on constructing the definitive edition of Eisner's groundbreaking graphic novel, A Contract with God.


Paper on the posthumously-produced edition of Nabokov's unfinished novel, The Original of Laura.