Children's Literature - Spring 2013

Children's Literature (along with Vinnie Kinsella's copy editing class) is the class that veteran students tell new students that they "just have" to take. A total immersion into an unfamiliar (to me) segment of the publishing industry, the class covers almost every aspect of the publishing process for picture, beginning reader, middle grade, and young adult books. Because the processes and conventions for these books are often very different from adult books, the classes were surprising, fresh, and full of new information. It was a pleasure, too, to revisit our favorite childhood books and reassess them with newly-trained eyes. A lesson on contracts was also particularly helpful. 

For our final project, our class worked in pairs to edit, design, and lay out a children's book--in my case, the middle grade survival novel, Wolf Brother.

Two covers I designed for our book project.

Developmental letter for Wolf Brother