Book Editing - Winter 2013

Book Editing had a lot of ground to cover. The classes focused on copy editing, fact-checking, and developmental editing, but there were small, practical lessons in between (we even did a lesson on editing comics). What Linda truly taught, though, was the reality of editing. We would go through copy on our own, and then Linda would take us through it in class, revealing the myriad errors that we had overlooked. We were taught the four C's of editing—consistency, clarity, coherency, and correctness—and how essential they are in building a strong reputation as an editor. We also discussed developmental editing, although with this we took a more intuitive approach. We read and discussed Addie Boswell's young adult manuscript, Essa Vida, and sent a developmental letter to the author, who we met for a discussion on the final day of class. I would later follow Linda's guidelines and good advice when preparing developmental edits of two manuscripts for Future Tense Books.

Developmental Letter for Essa Vida