Introduction to Publishing - Fall 2012

Introduction to Publishing is the ideal incubation class: students get a grounding in publishing history, work together to create a hypothetical press, and acquire, design, and create a marketing plan for the books they choose. My takeaways were valuable ones, proven again and again during my time with the program and the press:

  • The traditional business model in publishing is a unique one (early on, Abbey explains the consignment model to horrified students), but new models are emerging and being tested every day. Still, the class's mantra is: Publishing will not make you rich. Publishing will not make you rich. Publishing will not make you rich.

  • Group work is a constant. Dividing work fairly and effectively will always be a challenge, and consensus (especially in matters of taste) will be hard-won.

  • The budget informs everything, and it will likely be small. Get creative.

Three hypothetical covers I designed for three hypothetical books.

The final paper produced for the class, an examination of the future of libraries.